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Notes Grape • Apricot • Juicy

Region  Nyamagabe District, Southern Province

Altitude 1800-2000 Meters 

Processing Anaerobic

Roasting level Light Roast

Net Content 200g

Remera Coffee Washing Station is operated by Buf Coffee, a Rwanda specialty coffee exporter. It is located in the highlands above 1900m, which is not very common in Rwanda, and the surrounding 3000 coffee farmers are also located at 2200m above sea level. Due to the company’s long-good relationship with farmers, they have taken various trainings and their cherries are highly ripe. The soil is well fertilized and they have a plenty of clear water. As a result, they received COE, Cup of Excellence, awards in 2008, 2009 and 2014.

Remera Anaerobic Natural

スペシャルティコーヒー輸出を手掛けるBuf Coffee社はレメラCWS(Coffee Washing Station) を運営しており、ルワンダでも珍しい1900mを超える高地にあります。周辺の3000ものコーヒー農家も標高1800-2200mに位置しています。同社の長年の農家との信頼関係から、農家は様々な研修を受け、チェリーの熟度も高くなっています。土壌もよく肥え、透明度の高いきれいな水が豊富にありその結果、2008,2009,2014年にはCOE(Cup of Excellence) も受賞しています。

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