Life is a journey with many paths waiting to be discovered. In varying degrees, the little moments we experience along our journey, helps enrich our days. It was one such journey that led to the founding of CHAMI in Japan. Takemoto Sayaka travelled the world at a young age, discovering the wonders and richness of nature. Drawn to the shared similarities between people, she was fascinated by the use of natural ingredients in their cuisines. Returning to Japan, Sayaka set out to re-create these subtly complex tastes, creating a confectionary fusion rooted in her Japanese heritage. She discovered along the way that the right degree of temperature was key to amazing creations. In 2009, that belief became CHAMI.


Over the years, CHAMI has continued to discover and use new ingredients from around the world that are refined to a degree that we consider perfection. From this view, CHAMI means an understanding of ingredients and an exploration into the right degrees of combination that infuses our creations with its unique flavour. This is how we capture the ‘everyday’ and reshape them for everyone to appreciate and enjoy.


Today, we are fortunate to have passionate individuals in the CHAMI family. Key to our distinctive brews are two coffee champions –Coffee Fest Latte Art No.1 World Champion, Junichi YAMAGUCHI, and Japan Barista No.1 Champion, Taka ISHITANI. With their keen understanding of the complexities of coffee-making, their creations perfectly complement our inspired confectionary and food. Joining us on this journey is also Kana KITAJIMA who is a specialist in Japanese-styled sandwiches.


Together, we continue to be inspired by the people we meet. In return, it is our hope that everyone encountering our creations will intuitively feel the subtle degrees of the CHAMI experience.



Under the keen purviews of Taka and Junichi, our coffee is made with the highest quality beans that are sourced from all over the world. Each of CHAMI’s coffee selections are brewed at the specific temperature of ℃elsius to bring out our coffee’s unique characteristic and taste profiles that perfectly matches our Japanese sandwiches and ℃ustardo jams. This is what we call the CHAMI Coffee Degree °.



CHAMI’s Custardo is in-house produced jams that are made with carefully selected ingredients. Having refined the taste of Custardo over five years, we now offer a range of delectable jams that perfectly balances the flavours of Hokkaido milk, coconut milk, almond milk, and eggs, with our special blend of 7 aromatic spices. Custardo can also be enjoyed as a pudding and is offered as a cream-filling in two of our popular pastries, the Custardo Croissant and Custardo Choux.



CHAMI rounds off our food menu with a selection of premium Japanese-styled sandwiches. Some popular choices are our Sake Salmon sandwich that is served with Mirin Sauce, our bonito-based sandwich that comes with a savoury choice of Tonkatsu Pork or Chicken Katsu, and our very special seaweed-based thick fried egg sandwich.


In CHAMI, every design decision we make is to simplify what is unnecessary. We implemented our product, interior and packaging with this new perspective, to ensure they function with ease and are pleasing to the eyes. For example, we only show the most necessary information on our packaging, to make sure the customer knows what is the product make from. Whether it is baking or brewing, it is the same design process. A good recipe is always simple, but simple ingredients can be harder to achieve than a complex one.



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